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Frequently Asked Qestions

When you hire a pool from Aquabub you will receive a kit which includes 2 different tap adapters; a bung adapter that goes over your tap, and a screw on adapter that can be screwed onto your tap.  These tap adapters can be altered so they can be used with one tap (a mixer), or two taps (a hot tap and a cold tap).  See below.  Usually these adapters are all that is needed.
If the supplied tap adapters don't fit your taps please call Aquabub to discuss your options. 

Some ways to maintain the heat of your birth pool are:

  • Set up your pool on a carpeted area (rather than tiles, lino, wood), or on top of several woolen blankets or similar.
  • Fill the pool when it is needed rather than in advance (keeping in mind that it may take some time to fill).
  • Use a heat retention blanket or pool cover (Regular or Mini)
  • Use the pool as close as possible to your water source so the water doesn't loose too much heat as it travels through the hose.
  • Keep the air temperature warm.
  • If you have gas / continuous hot water you can top up your birth pool using the filling hose supplied in your kit.
  • If you do not have gas / continuous hot water. You can have several large pots of water heating on the stove so you can top up your pool with hot water as needed.  Just be VERY careful not to touch the pot onto the edge of the pool!
  • You can also monitor the temperature of your birth pool with a birth pool thermometer or digital thermometer if you wish.
  •  Do not use a heating element in your pool.

There are several ways to empty your birth pool after use.


  • Do not use the hose in your birth pool kit to empty your birth pool.
  • Measure your length of drainage hose before you start to empty your birth pool, to make sure your hose is long enough.
  • Use a debris net to empty the pool of anything that may block your hose or pump.
  • Most people will drain their birth pool water into their bath / shower drain.
  • If you are draining your birth pool water into your garden please make sure there is no chance that the water will run onto your neighbor's property.
  • If you are using a water pump it is safer to drain the pool onto your garden or into your bath drain.  The water pump empties the pool very quickly and your shower tray is unlikely to keep up with the volume of water without overflowing.

1 - Water pump

The quickest, easiest, and most hygienic way to empty your birth pool after use it to use a submersible water pump from Aquabub.  This pump will completely drain your birth pool in approximately 5 - 7 minutes.  There is no electricity needed and no need to siphon.  

2 - Siphoning with submersion.

To siphon with submersion you will need to put the entire length of your siphon hose into the birth pool.  When the hose is full of water block one end of the hose with your thumb and keep the other end of the hose under water.  Keeping your thumb over one end of the hose (and the other end under water) take your end of the hose to where your pool water will be drained (for example: your bath or shower drain). Take your thumb off your end of the  hose and water will flow.  Keep the other end submerged.  Repeat this process if the flow of water stops.

3 - Siphon.

Take one end of your hose to where your pool water will be drained (for example: your bath or shower drain), and keep the other end submerged in the birth pool.  Suck your end of the hose until the hose is filled with water.  Quickly take the end of the hose away from your mouth and let the water flow into the bath / shower drain.  Repeat this process if the flow of water stops.  Note: you can make a fist around your end of the hose and create suction at your hand if you would like to avoid putting the end of the hose in your mouth.

Once you have cleaned, dried, and packed away your pool according to the instructions sheet provided in your pool kit please contact me to let me know that your pool is ready to be returned.  I will make up a return post label for you.  You will then get an email from Aramex / Fastway.  Click the link in the email to schedule the pick up.  Then you can leave your pool on your front porch or similar, if it is safe and dry.  

When returning your TENS please put it in a box / bag, or wrap it, and follow the above procedure.

To return pools or TENS from rural addresses please see below.

Yes.  If you live at a rural address there will be no trouble getting your birth pool / TENS to your address, but the return process is different for rural customers.

When you have finished with your birth pool / TENS machine please contact me to arrange a return postage label for you.  If you live rurally the courier will not pick up from your house.  You will need to take the pool / TENS to your nearest Aramex / Fastway depot, your nearest rural drop off point, or the home of a friend or family member who does not live rurally.  I will make up the label for you according to where the pool / TENS will be picked up from.  You will need to print the return post label for the courier.

When your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number.  To track your pool / TENS / order you can copy and paste your tracking number into the Aramex parcel tracker here.