Aquabub specialises in providing premium quality birth pools, the natural pain relief of TENS and a range of pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding essentials New Zealand wide!


"Amazing service and product! I loved having a water birth at home. Aquabub provided us with all the tools needed which made everything go smoothly. I highly recommend Aquabub to anyone intending on having a water birth." 

Alpana Gounder

"I tested contractions in and out of the pool and it was soo much easier in the pool for me!! Beautiful service" 

Nicky-Marie Kohere-Smiler

"Thank you so much for your incredible service. From the friendly phone call to the quick delivery. The easy to follow instructions and quailty pool.  We had a lovely waterbirth at home and will be recommending Aquabub to everyone! Thanks again." 

Jasmine Ferris

"I’ve used Aquabub twice now and cannot rate highly enough the customer service and assistance from Kate or the benefits of having a birth pool to give birth in! A fantastic company with a fantastic product and service. Thanks so much Kate!"

 Chanelle Vaughan

I highly recommend TENS machines and will tell all my friends! 10/10!

Lisa Dockey

I loved using the TENS machine. It gave me a good alternative focus during labour and eased the pain dramatically. I would definitely recommend it!

Jo Taylor

Thank you so much for such a great service! 

Anna & John

Thank you so so so much for the TENS, I can not tell you enough how much it helped me. I used it for many hours then got into the pool.


Dear Kate, Thank you so much for the excellent pool set up!  You are doing a great service for mums and dads across the country! 

New mum, new dad, new granddad