Birth Comb


A popular self-help technique for labour, the birth comb works in two ways to help manage the sensations of labour by using the ‘Gate Control’ method of pain relief, and by stimulating the ‘Lao Gong’ acupressure point.

The Lao Gong acupressure point is one of the most powerful acupressure points in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a key point in Qigong healing practice.  Stimulating the Lao Gong point is believed to reduce anxiety, increase the release of pain relieving endorphins, increase feelings of control, and dull the sensation of pain.

You can use your birth comb throughout labour, and alongside all other self -help and pain relief methods. 

Details about how the Birth Comb works, and how to find the Lao Gong acupressure point are included with each Birth Comb purchase.