Birth pool 'dry run' checklist

Birth pool 'dry run' checklist

September 29, 2022

Families often ask me which pool I would recommend they use.  Choosing the best pool for your needs will mainly depend on just a few things:

  • The space you have available in your home, and where you plan to set up your pool.  
  • Whether or not your partner plans to get into the pool with you.
  • Hot water supply.
  • Water pressure / filling time
  • If you are very tall this may also contribute to your decision, however both the Regular and Mini sized pools will comfortably accommodate most women.

You can find full measurements for each pool in the Birth Pool Comparison Chart, here, on my website.

Choosing your pool is the first step.  Once your pool is with you I recommend you do a ‘dry run’ to make sure things run smoothly when it’s time to set up, fill, and empty your pool.

To make sure things run smoothly you may like to check these things:

  • Does my pool comfortably fit in my birthing space?
  • Is the midwife able to access the pool from all angles / sides?
  • Is there space in the room for my support person / people?
  • Is there space for any other props I may like to use during labour (swiss ball etc)?
  • Is there a power point close enough for the electric air pump, or will I need an extension cord?
  • Do I have all the correct tap / hose connectors, and do I know how to attach them?
  • Which taps will I use to fill my pool? (For example: bathroom, laundry, kitchen)
  • Is the filling hose long enough to reach the pool?
  • Where will I empty the pool after I have used it? 
  • Is my drainage hose / emptying kit long enough?
  • Is my birthing space able to be heated / cooled effectively?
  • Is my birthing space private enough?
  • If you are on tank water you may like to check your water supply.
  • How will I maintain the temperature of the water in my birth pool?

Please see ‘Maintaining the heat of your birth pool’ for tips 

In most cases there is no need to do a practice run using water, however you can of course do so if you would prefer.

This checklist will help you feel prepared and confident that the set-up, filling, and emptying of your pool will run smoothly when the time comes.