Birth Pool in a Box Mini Professional - Sold out


Birth Pool in a Box is the most popular choice of birth pool available, providing ultimate comfort and safety for women and babies during home birth.

These pools are specifically designed for labour and birth, and they exceed the minimum depth recommended for water birth.

Birth Pool in a Box Mini Professional is a professional use birth pool, designed to be used multiple times. 

Mini sized pools are an excellent option if your birthing space is small, or if your hot water supply is limited. This pool is best suited to accommodate the labouring woman only, however can accommodate her partner as well if both are of a smaller build.

All Birth Pool in a Box pools have 6 handles in total; all ergonomically positioned to help control and secure your movement in labour.

All pools have an internal seat which is useful during labour to support the labouring woman in a variety of positions, and is perfect after birth while bonding with your new baby.

The oval shape of the pool is perfectly designed to create a secure 'cocooned' space at one end of the pool, and more space for movement at the other end of the pool.

The opaque outer walls of the pool give an increased  sense of privacy for the labouring woman.

All Birth pool in a Box pools are made from eco-friendly material (0.38mm eco PVC Cadmium, Lead and Latex free) and meets EU regulations on maximum levels of phthalates.