Birth Pool in a Box Regular Personal (Hire)




How do I book a birth pool?

Before booking, please contact Aquabub to make sure the pool of your choice is available for you.  Once you have chosen your preferred pool you can make your order via the website.  The website won't ask for your due date, but I will have a record of it from your email, so I will match it to your order when it comes in.  Once your order is made the pool of your choice will be reserved for you and will arrive at your address when you reach 37 weeks, and will be due for return 2 weeks after your estimated due date (unless previously arranged).

What is the difference between the Regular Personal pool, and the Regular Professional pool?

The Regular Personal and the Regular Professional pools are identical in size and shape, and have all of the same features.  The only difference is the Regular Professional is made of a thicker plastic, which makes it more sturdy.  Both pools are specifically designed for birthing in.

What is included in the birth pool kit? 

  • 1 x Birth Pool in a Box Regular Personal.
  • 1 x Generic pool liner (BPA free / non-toxic / food grade).
  • 1 x Electric air pump.
  • 1 x Tap adaptor for kitchen / bathroom tap.
  • 1 x Tap adaptor for laundry taps.
  • 1 x 5 Meter length of hose to fill the pool (drinking water quality).
  • 1 x Hose adaptor should you need extra hose.
  • 1 x Puncture repair kit.
  • Full instructions for use.
  • Return shipping instructions (return shipping costs are included in the hire price)
  • Extra lengths of hose can be arranged if needed.

  • Is there anything else I need?

    You will need to supply your own length of hose for emptying your pool after use.  For hygiene reasons, the hose that is supplied in your birth pool kit must only be used for filling the pool with clean water, not emptying the pool.  Your garden hose is suitable for emptying the pool, or you can purchase a length of hose or emptying kit from Aquabub.

    Your pool kit comes with a generic liner, but you may like to upgrade to a Birth Pool in a Box Regular fitted liner.  These liners are tailor made to snugly fit around all features of the pool including the inflatable seat, handles, and cup holder; maximising the use of these features, and your comfort.

    You may also like to browse the Accessories page in case there is anything else you would like to add to your order, for example: Emptying kit, Waterproof floor cover, Pool sieve, My AnchorBirth mirror, Birth pool thermometer, or Digital thermometer.

    Which is the best birth pool for me?

    Choosing the best pool for your needs will depend on:

    • The space you have available in your home, and where you plan to set up your pool.  
    • Whether or not your partner plans to get into the pool with you.
    • Hot water supply.

    Birth pool comparison chart

    About Birth Pool in a Box Design

    • Regular sized pools are 58cm deep.
    • Mini sized pools are 55cm deep.
    • Ergonomically placed handles (top and outer surface of pool).
    • Opaque walls for maximum privacy.
    • White floor to assist your midwife to assess blood loss.
    • The egg shape provides a narrower 'cocoon' at one end of the pool and more    space at the wider end of the pool.
    • Quick and easy to inflate and deflate (10 minutes maximum with the provided air  pump).
    • Fill time will depend on water pressure. Regular sized pools take approximately  45 - 60 min to fill. The Mini sized pools will take approximately 30 - 45 min to fill.
    • Regular sized pools can comfortably accommodate the labouring woman and her partner if he / she chooses to get in the pool.  
    • Mini sized pools are best suited to accommodate the labouring woman only,      however can accommodate her partner if both are of smaller build.