Skin Safe Baby Wipes


Protect and cleanse your baby's sensitive skin with these skin safe baby wipes, as used in hospitals and maternity units Nationwide.

These wipes are soft, strong, absorbent, and are the preferred option for parents who choose to reduce the amount of chemicals on their baby's skin. 

These baby wipes are made from a unique non-woven, low linting fabric and can be re-used without falling apart. Simply pop them in a delicates wash bag and wash them in the washing machine, then hang to dry. 

See 'Reynard Super Soft Patient Wipes' for a thicker, longer lasting variety of these wipes.

These wipes are perfect for:

  • Changing baby's nappy - use warm water for increased comfort
  • Washing sticky fingers and faces - no nasty chemicals near baby's mouth
  • Part of a first aid kit - can be used wet or dry
  • Nappy liner for cloth nappies - do not flush wipes down the toilet
  • Babies who are prone to nappy rash - no irritating chemicals
  • Children who are prone to eczema / dermatitis

No fragrances, no parabens, no preservatives, no alcohol, no chemicals.

Simply dampen with warm water before use.

One box contains 50 wipes.

Measurements: 33 x 29 cm.  Thickness: 60 gsm